Query Queries: How Many Queries Should I Send Out At Once?

Okay, so you’ve done your homework on agents and you’ve created your list of agents that might be interested in your novel.

Now you’re asking yourself – how many agents should I send my query to right now?

Chuck Sambuchino, writing and agenting guru, recommends sending out 6-8 queries at a time.  (Seriously, Chuck is awesome – look him up!)

Why only 6 to 8?   Because you don’t want to run through your whole list at once, especially if you discover your query letter isn’t working.   If you receive a bunch of rejections in your first batch, you know you need to head back to the drawing board before reaching out to other agents.

Chuck also recommends you keeping on querying until you’ve contacted 80 or more agents!  So if a few “nos” come your way at first, don’t lose hope and don’t stop.

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