Genre Clarification: Cli-Fi

Betcha haven’t heard of this one!

There’s a new emerging genre of eco-fiction called Cli-Fi.  Basically, this offshoot genre consists of short stories and novels that directly address the effects of climate change.

Cli-Fi books sharpen the focus of the problem by bringing climate change and its effects from the background into the forefront, to consider the specific problem of human-made global warming and its effects thereof. Because now more than ever, we need well-told stories. It will be critical to raise awareness and put the spotlight on the implications of climate change, on the planet, on societies, on individuals.

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As Dan Bloom, the journalist who coined the term ‘Climate Fiction’ as recently as 2008 and its contraction ‘Cli-Fi’ says, “Cli-fi is relevant today more than ever and will remain so for the next 100 years because such novels shine a light on today’s daily headlines worldwide. It’s a global viewfinder. Climate change is on everyone’s mind now with wildfires, floods, heat waves, cyclones, droughts worldwide. So put sci-fi together with cli-fi and the hybrid mix is ablaze with timely immediacy.”

And the genre’s purpose as per him? “To act as a wake-up call, a warning flare, a cri de coeur, an alarm bell. Literature matters and cli-fi has a future in the 21st and 22nd centuries for sure. Cli-fi can minister to our anxieties and fears.”

For further reading, see Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy.

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