Every author has had the dilemma of deciding what format in which to publish their work.  These days it’s easy to print, digitize, or create an audio book from your completed work.

Certainly the book industry has faced challenges ranging from the increased popularity of digital media to the hardships faced by retail bookstores – especially during the pandemic – but in the United States books remain an important part of consumers’ daily lives. Print book sales figures have improved over the last five years and unit sales now amount to over 650 million per year.  So it seems physically printed books are still the way to go.

Print also remains the most popular book format among U.S. consumers, with more than 65 percent of adults having read a print book in the last twelve months.  Trial and error with your readers will inevitably tell you how they want to consume your novel.

Meanwhile, audiobook sales in 2019 generated over one billion U.S. dollars in revenue, and the number of titles produced also grew year-on-year.  Don’t shy away from alternative types of publishing that can garner you extra readers, AND extra money!

Print Is Dying?Writing Life

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