Word Game Wednesday: So You Think You Know Classic Literature?

Every book lover thinks they know everything about books.  But how well do you know the classics?

Take the 10 question quiz below to see if you’re a classic lit genius!


1 – Name That Author: Who wrote The Iliad?

a) Euripides

b) Beowulf

c) Homer

d) Virgil


2 – Put the three cantos of The Divine Comedy in the correct order.

a) Paradiso, Purgatorio, Inferno

b) Inferno, Limbo, Paradiso

c) Purgatorio, Inferno, Limbo

d) Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso


3 – Don Quixote was written in which language?

a) Old English

b) Italian

c) Spanish

d) Greek


4 – The hero Beowulf faces a monster known by this name.

a) Hrothgar

b) Grendel

c) Heorot

d) Minotaur


5 – John Donne is known as a member of which school of poetry?

a) Romanticism

b) Jacobean

c) Georgian

d) Metaphysical


6 – John Milton’s Paradise Lost was written during which century?

a) 1400’s

b) 1500’s

c) 1600’s

d) 1700’s

7 – Mark Twain’s beloved characters Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn reside in which state?

a) Alabama

b) Missouri

c) Mississippi

d) Tennessee


8 – This genre of fiction, in which novels like Dracula are told in letters, diary entries, newspaper clippings, and more mixed formats, came to prominence in the late 18th century.

a) Belles-lettres

b) Pastoral

c) Bildungsroman

d) Epistolary


9 – Sir Walter Scott is known for his historical novels about which country?

a) Ireland

b) Scotland

c) Wales

d) England


10 – In Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist, what food does Oliver famously ask for more of when he says: “Please, Sir, I want some more”?

a) Bread

b) Soup

c) Cheese

d) Gruel













And now on to the answers!

1 – c

2 – d

3 – c

4 – d

5 – c

6 – c

7 – c

8 – d

9 – b

10 – d


Hope you got them all right!  A+!

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