How My Perfect Book Club Meeting Would Look…..

I love to daydream.  My favorite daydream lately has been about starting a book club.
My perfect book club meeting would contain around 6 to 10 people.  I want to hear everyone’s opinion and thoughts, and a smaller group would be perfect.   Ideally, I want those people to be of different backgrounds and ethnicity.
I wouldn’t want this group to stick to one genre of books.  Romance one month, mystery the next, biography after that.  If this group could push me to read more books I normally wouldn’t pick up, then all the better for me.
We would meet at a library after hours, or maybe a book store – I don’t know – somewhere with lots of books around us.  We’d sit in overstuffed comfy chairs, each one having it’s own pillow and blanket for comfort and warmth.
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The chairs would be around an antique wooden coffee table complete with tea and coffee service, those Danish butter cookies, boxes of chocolates, and a pretty bowl of peppermints.
These imaginary bookish friends of mine would discuss themes of the book, story presentation, cover art, the life and other writings of the author, as well as how the book relates to current events.  Lively conversation that could include laughing, crying, and polite disagreements would last two to three hours.  (NOTE:  All arguments end in a handshake or a hug – that’s the policy and we all agree to adhere to it.)
Ok, well, back to real life.
I actually tried to run a book club once.  We met in a bland conference room at a local library and went from 6 members to ‘just me’.  Maybe someday……
It’s certainly fun to think about!
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