I’m Going To Admit It – I Hate "To Kill A Mockingbird"

Yes, ok, get your tomatoes out.
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I know you’re gonna toss them in my direction for having this opinion, but I really never liked To Kill A Mockingbird.
The first time I read it was in my 10th Grade English class.  We had to read it as a group, and write essays and take pop quizzes on the story.
Since then, I’ve really disliked the book.
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What bothers me most is the unchanging characters.
Scout was aware of racism, but she didn’t change throughout the story.  Her adult voice telling the story reinforces that.
Atticus was the most perfectly moral character ever written, and that was so boring and obvious that the ending of the book was pretty much a guarantee.
I guess I just didn’t “get” anything from this novel.  It was just a story.
I know not every classic novel is for every reader.
Maybe “hate” is a strong word….but I won’t ever read it again.


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