Word Game Wednesday – Middle School Book Report

Today’s Word Game Wednesday is a blast from the past….all the way back to middle school!

If you’ve ever done a book report without reading the book – this one’s for YOU!

This trivia game is called Middle School Book Report.

Below are some fake book reports written by lazy middle schoolers who only bothered to read the assigned book’s title.  Your job is to identify the book.

BOOK REPORT 1: Before Harry Potter, there was this guy named Chuck Dickens who also wrote long books. Believe it or not, Chucky D’s book is also about a guy who does magic at the MGM theater in Las Vegas.

BOOK REPORT 2: Jane Austin’s P and P is a rad two-part book. Part one is about a LGBT parade. And part two is how your mom describes your uncle.

BOOK REPORT 3: John Steinbeck could have written only about rodents or only about dudes, but he made the interesting choice to write this book about both.  This is a very good sequel to “Stuart Little.”

BOOK REPORT 4: According to Merriam-Website, the first word in this book’s title means to blow with a dull, roaring sound. In the next four paragraphs, I’ll discuss why Emily Bronte chose to do these sounds from up high instead of down low.

BOOK REPORT 5: Not a lot of people know this, but Alice Walker’s famous book is actually a combination of two earlier books, “The Color Red” and “The Color Blue”.

Honestly, this game horrified me because I always read the assigned book and it reminded me of all the slackers in my class!   If you’re stuck on any of the above clues, or just want to confirm you’re correct, email me: amanda@amandakassner.com

Happy Word Game Wednesday!

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