Tips To Help Promote Your Book Via Social Media

With the rise of social media, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have changed the way writers promote themselves.  It’s not unusual these days to see all genres of books being promoted on all platforms.

So how can you ensure you’re effectively promoting your book on your social media platforms?   Here are 7 tips on how to develop an effective social media marketing campaign for your book.

1. Create Great Promotional Content

Give your fan pages great promotional content published on a regular basis.  Don’t simply interact with your audience and expect that to sell many books.

2. Start a Facebook Contest

Appreciate your followers who have stuck with you through your writing journey and give a away a few copies of your newly released book.

3. Start an Instagram Campaign

Instagram offers several opportunities for successful promotion through images, tags, live videos, stories, comments, and connections. Use them all and use them well!

4. Offer a Free Chapter

A free introductory chapter can also be a beneficial marketing strategy for any genre of book.  Ask your followers to become email subscribers at your website, so they can receive the chapter.

5. Share Photos of People Reading Your Book

Once you launch your book, ask your followers to post a picture with it using a special hashtag, so you and all your followers can see the post.

6. Use Medium

This platform allows you to publish content and share it with a large reading audience. If you share high-quality content related to the niche of your book, that will trigger people’s interest in you, so they will check out your profile description. That will lead them to your published work.

7. Leverage the Power of the Hashtag

Putting the # in front of a word has strange power. It can make your book recognizable, and it can build an entire community around it. You have to be careful with this method, though; no one wants to see a list of meaningless hashtags under a post. Use the hashtag sparingly and relevantly!


It’s time for all writers to open up to the world of social media.  A smart social media campaign can make your book popular and elevate the sales numbers!

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