There is a new trend among colleges wherein the libraries are removing their physical books.  Stanford did this in 2010, Florida Polytechnic University in 2014, and University of Michigan in 2015 were the first few to adopt book-less libraries.

While most of us would object to a library without books, libraries have always been more than just the books they house.

There has been little to no negative impact on the students of these universities.  When students request a book, it is generally on reserve behind the circulation desk, or in storage and available.

As information becomes more available online, many categories of books have become redundant (i.e. phone books and atlases).

While I admit that this trend may continue, especially in universities and colleges, I highly doubt public school libraries will be following suit as the funding isn’t there to access the information in more technologically advanced ways.

Comment below with what you think – should college libraries be book-less?

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  • Its a trend that may not last. Clearly ebooks have advantages (weightless, can zoom in,can make removable margin notes, etc) but the experience of reading a book is different. When we get a device can make reading digitally as pleasant as reading a print book I might move to digital.

    BUT the library is a place to congregate, meet people, exchange views, and find by chance what you did not know you need.
    AS you say a Library is far more than a place ot find books. It can be a community.

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