Just like all other facets of life, new technologies are changing how we read books. , your experience depends on your ability to identify the right app.

Finding the right application is not as easy as it looks.  You want to find one suitable for the type device you use and for your specific circumstances.  Below are some of the best eBook apps currently in the market.  I love apps that provide an opportunity to customize your settings to what is most comfortable for the reader.

And don’t worry about your money – most of them are free!

1.      Kindle (Android, iOS)

New applications have been coming into the market in the last few years, but it just seems difficult for them to beat the Kindle app.  The Kindle app is a hard act to follow because of its multi-platform character.  Its settings allow you to adjust the brightness, font size, and sync the last page between platforms and devices – super convenient!

2.      AIReader

Even though AIReader is a relatively new application, many readers are drawn to it because of its ability to support versions of Android that are much older. This ability to support older versions of Android is a unique selling point for those applications that still offer it.

3.      Audible

Reading from a screen is not always possible.  For instance, readers traveling in overcrowded trains or buses may prefer to listen to a book rather than to read. If this is your situation, Audible should be your eBook app of choice.  The application contains thousands of titles, some read by Hollywood actors and others by those who wrote the books.

4.      Marvin

Readers using the iOS operating system love Marvin.  For most readers, the free app does the job – however, if you want enhanced features can order the premium version for a little less than $5.

5.      Kobo

Whether you are using a tablet or smartphone, Kobo gives you access to over 6 million titles of eBooks and audiobooks.  You can download this application into any device, including your desktop. Readers can select day or night mode, and well as look up words with a built-in dictionary.

If you’re in the market for a new eReader app, research your options and find the best fit for your reading needs.

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