Are you taking advantage of every avenue of marketing offered by Amazon for your eBook?

If not, WHY NOT??  Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing has many options available to you to help promote and get your book into hands of readers.

Author Central helps you share the most up-to-date information about yourself and your books with millions of readers.

Amazon Advertising allows you to purchase advertising to promote your KDP eBooks and paperbacks.

Free Promotions makes your eBook available at no charge for a limited time.

Kindle Countdown Deals offers a limited-time discount, complete with a countdown timer to encourage quick purchasing decisions.

Kindle eBook pre-order lets your customers order your eBook as early as 90 days before it’s release date.

Buying and Gifting eBooks for Others will help you run a social media giveaway, or gift your books to readers at an event, or sends copies to your newsletter subscribers.

Lending for Kindle allows your readers to lend the books they like to other readers.

Share with Kindle Instant Book Previews allows you to share a link to a free preview of your eBook.

Sample Chapters is a great way to give your readers a tempting taste by showing potential buyers a small portion of your eBook.


Click on the link to learn more and utilize these resources for your works!

Get your name out there and become someone’s favorite author!

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