Self-Publishing Help: Be An “Also Bought”

So you’ve written a book and published it on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing feature.  Great!

And when you support your peers and purchase their self-published works through Amazon you notice Amazon shows you items that other customers also bought with that book.  So how do you get YOUR book in the “Also Bought” spot??

If you haven’t thought about trying to get into the “Also Bought” section, I’m going to help you!  If you want to get as many sales and downloads as you can, you’ll definitely want to appear in Amazon’s “Also Bought” recommendations.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing lets you put the Kindle version of your book for free for five out of every 90 days.  During that time, you will need to do everything you can to get the word out so that as many people as possible download your book. When you reach a certain threshold, then your book will appear in “Also Bought.”

Not only is it a good idea to get into the “Also Bought” section, you’ll naturally want to get as many readers as possible!   BONUS: This will eventually bring in a stream of sales even when you’re not actively promoting your book.

Have you tried this?  Are you already in the “Also Bought”?

Let us know below!

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