What to Read While Waiting For The World To Feel Normal Again

It seems like a terrible fever dream that we won’t wake from.  The political climate in our country is hostile and ridiculous all at once.

We all need something to help us make it through this long night where our once friendly neighbors have turned into hate-filled monsters. So, here are three books that might help you as we step into another election cycle.

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Burn It Down: Women Writing about Anger edited by Lilly Dancyger

Okay, yeah, I’m angry, and while I feel pretty okay about that anger I also try to understand that there are loads of other people who have every reason to be much more angry than me. This anthology is more than blowing off steam, though, even if a great amount of steam-blowing is warranted. It’s an examination of women’s anger from a wide selection of women writers who bring different viewpoints and approach anger from very different angles.


Coyote Songs by Gabino Iglesias

People use the word “gutpunch” when they talk about this book. They talk about being devastated. They call it a story collection and a novel and a crime book and a horror book and a book that also gets at some very real issues happening around the US/Mexico border. Whatever it is, this is a beautiful, bloody, heartbreaking work of art. It offers us another model for how to take all we’re feeling and create something new and unique.


The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

Sometimes you just need some comfort food, and this fun, ragtag-team-of-scrappy-underdog-space-adventurers book is a great diversion. Smart writing and fun characters I still think about, and a plot about a bunch of stuff that seemed important when I was reading about it but was really just a way for me to hang out for awhile with these cool beings doing cool things in space.

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