This is a fun game called Phrase Anatomy, like “Grey’s Anatomy.”

In this game, I’m going to give you sentences that feature phrases and idioms that incorporate a part of the body, except they will contain a literal interpretation of the phrase, with fancy anatomical names included. You have to decipher what the original phrase is.

For example: she hasn’t worked here long, so she still has some dampness about the oracles.  That means she’s wet behind the ears.

Clue #1 – I need to tell her how I feel, just sit her down and have a real inter-coronary discussion.

Clue #2 – Excuse me. My pharynx and larynx seem to be housing an amphibian.

Clue #3 – I’m so awkward and clumsy, it’s like I’m entirely pollical digits.

Clue #4 – His memoir is so self-absorbed, it’s 300 pages of ogling his own umbilicus.

Clue #5 – It was a real passion project. He put a lot of sanguineous, eccrine and lacrimal fluids into it.

Clue #6 – I’ll never run for office, too many osteological frameworks in my clothing storage antechamber.

Clue #7 – At a VIP event, I got to grind the synovial hinge joints of my humerus, radius and ulna against the corresponding joints of the rich and famous.

Clue #8 – They go everywhere together. It’s like their coccyx are fused.

Clue # 9 – I hope this category wasn’t a discomfort around your cervical vertebrae.








Answer #1 – Heart to heart

Answer #2 – Frog in my throat

Answer #3 – All thumbs

Answer #4 – Navel gazing

Answer #5 – Blood, sweat, and tears

Answer #6 – Skeletons in my closet

Answer #7 – Rub elbows

Answer #8 – Jointed at the hip

Answer #9 – Pain in the neck



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