Query Queries: The Best First Step To Query Your Novel

It’s actually very easy….

First of all, finish the book.

And that doesn’t just mean typing “THE END.”

If your book isn’t polished to a high gleam, if it hasn’t been read by a dozen friends and rewritten in response to their comments, then you aren’t ready to worry about querying it!

Think about it from the agent’s perspective:

You (the agent) receive a top-notch A+ query letter and you want to request the entire book.  You’re excited about this story, and can’t wait to dig into it.  


The response from the author comes back that they worked so hard on perfecting their query letter they (1) didn’t finish the novel, or (2) didn’t get it beta read or edited yet. 

If you were that agent, would you want to work with that author any further?  NOPE!


If you’re needing help finishing your book, or want a top-notch A+ beta read – head on over to my services page here and let me know how I can help you!   I offer author services including query letter help.

It’s what I love to do!

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