All right, today we are playing a word game called Double Oh, No!

I am going to give you the plot of an imaginary James Bond movie.  Every answer is a two-word phrase: the first word contains a double O, then, remove one of the O’s to make the second word.

For example, if I say 007 finds himself trapped in a chicken enclosure with a law enforcement officer, you’d answer coop cop.

Ready? Let’s do this.

First Clue: Q arms 007 with an item of cowboy footwear enhanced with a computer program meant to mimic human behavior on Twitter.

Second Clue: 007 is surprised when the new Bond girl, the author of “Mrs Dalloway,” first name Virginia, turns out to be a wild canine with fangs and fur.

Third Clue: In the ultimate faceoff, Blofeld returns and almost sucks 007’s face off with his giant, name-brand vacuum cleaner that floats above the ground.

Fourth Clue: 007 loses some of his sex appeal in this animated version, where Bond is portrayed by a cardboard milk container.

Fifth Clue: 007’s latest mission takes him to the Central African city of Yaounde, where he teams up with another agent from “Charlie’s Angels,” last name Diaz.

Sixth Clue: 007 walks through two swinging doors into a villain’s layer that from the outside looks like a cowboy bar. But inside, his arch nemesis is getting his nails done – red polish with one gold finger.












ANSWER #1:  Boot bot.

ANSWER #2:  Woolf Wolf.

ANSWER #3:  Hoover hover.

ANSWER #4:  Cartoon carton.

ANSWER #5:  Cameroon Cameron.

ANSWER #6:  Saloon salon.

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