Query Queries: You Need More Than A Hook!

The opening of your query is your biggest opportunity to hook the literary agent on your story.  Also, don’t forget to share any connection you have with the agent (you met him or her at a conference, or you’re a fan of specific authors that he or she represents).

And now that you’ve hooked the agent, it’s time to summarize your story.

A synopsis (or summary) is a longer explanation of your work.  This is where you can discuss your main characters, what happens, and what choice they must make now.  It’s important that you don’t give away the entire plot in your summary.  Feel free to leave the agent wanting more by structuring this paragraph in a cliffhanger.

The main point of a synopsis is to get the agent to request the full manuscript of the story you’ve written.


Guess who loves writing synopses?


If you didn’t notice, I named my company BACK COVER COPY COMPANY because I write copy that gets readers interested in your books.

Some women are experts on wine and can tell you what type of cigar the wine maker smoked while stomping grapes in Italy…..  I am a connoisseur of books.  I can tell you who had one professionally written for their novel, and who didn’t.

If you need help drafting out a synopsis for your query letter, don’t hesitate to write to me.  We can craft something that will get EVERYONE reading your book!

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