Pop Culture – Bingeworthy British Television: The Best Brit TV You Can’t Stop Watching by Sarah Cords

Calling all Angelophiles!  This is the ultimate guide in British television.

This book is sectioned out by genres, has a listing of shows by genre, and has a detailed index.  The first thing you will want to do is look up all your favorite old shows, learning a lot of surprising things about them quickly, while recalling some of their best moments.

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Back Cover Copy of Bingeworthy British Television:

Isn’t Downton Abbey better when you watch it with a friend? This book is every Anglophile’s companion guide to the best British television to watch right now.. In this guide you’ll learn everything about more than 100 of your soon-to-be-favorite programs, like how long it will take you to bingewatch each one, the most noteworthy performances of Brit actors and creators, must-know trivia, and suggestions for related viewing. You’ll also find insights from across the pond as co-authors Sarah Cords (the Yank) and Jackie Bailey (the Brit), chat over subjects of vital importance, like why British series are so much shorter than their American counterparts, what kind of sports are shown on British TV, and why there seem to be fewer guns in British programs (among many other topics). Also included are lists of similar programs and a full index. British TV is the best TV–and it’s even better when you watch it with friends. Join us, won’t you?

About Sarah Cords:

Sarah Cords has worked as a farm market vendor, waitress, barista, librarian, book indexer, brand blogger, fact-checker, and author. She lives in Wisconsin and feels most alive while watching television.

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