Word Game Wednesday – Herb, My Little Pony, Or Enya Song?

Happy Wednesday!  Time for another Word Game!

It’s time to play one of my favorite word games from NPR’s program Ask Me Another.

This game is called This, That or the Other.

I’m going to give you the name of something, and you have to tell me which of three categories it belongs to.

And your categories are culinary herbs, “My Little Pony” characters, or songs by the Irish New Age singer and songwriter Enya.



ITEM ONE: Angelica

ITEM TWO: Orinoco Flow

ITEM THREE: Caribbean Blue

ITEM FOUR: Fluttershy

ITEM FIVE: Twilight Sparkle

ITEM SIX: Sweet Cecily

ITEM SEVEN: Wild Child

ITEM EIGHT: Amarantine

ITEM NINE: Tarragon


Can you get them all correct?


BONUS GAME!  In 2015, the cities with the 10 busiest airports in the United States by number of passengers. Can you name them all?




Item One:  Herb, an oil that is used in liquors and perfumes, grown in Iceland

Item Two:  Enya song, the one that goes sail away, sail away, sail away

Item Three: Enya song

Item Four: My Little Pony character

Item Five: My Little Pony character

Item Six: Culinary Herb

Item Seven: Enya song

Item Eight: Enya song

Item Nine:  Culinary Herb

BONUS GAME: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix and San Francisco.

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