Did you ever play Fruit Ninja on your phone?  Well, this is PRODUCE SAMURAI

Each clue below will include the name of something you might find in a supermarket produce aisle – could be a fruit, a vegetable or an herb.

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What you have to do is chop the word in two pieces, and then you’re going to stuff some letters in the middle to create a new common two-word phrase.

For example: A cherry whizzes by, and after slicing it in two, you find one of rock ‘n’ roll’s legends standing before you. That would be Chuck Berry. The “ch” is in Chuck and the “erry” is at the end of Berry.

That’s how it works.

The answers are listed below – Ready?

First Clue: Shwack!  You cut a pear into two and almost die of a cute overload when you see that it’s now this animal native to China.

Second Clue: A melon flies apart before your sword, replaced by this “Lethal Weapon” actor.

Third Clue: After your sword comes down on some nice green kale, in its place is this black-and-white seafaring sister of Shamu.

Fourth Clue:  After splitting some dill clean into two, out comes this Canadian jazz pianist and singer who married Elvis Costello in 2003.

Fifth Clue: A peach flies by, you swing down and find yourself in a southeastern Florida beach-side town.

Sixth Clue:  You split apart a date, and you get this actor, who starred as Deputy Sheriff Dewey Riley in the “Scream” movies.

Seventh Clue: Chop, chop!  You swing at a fig and you get a way of greeting someone favored by boxers and President Obama that spreads a lot fewer germs than shaking hands.

Eighth Clue: With a flourish, you cleave some beans and find yourself with a pair of denim pants.











First Answer: Panda Bear

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Second Answer: Mel Gibson

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Third Answer: Killer Whale

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Fourth Answer: Diana Krall

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Fifth Answer: Palm Beach

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Sixth Answer: David Arquette

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Seventh Answer: Fist bumping

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Eighth Answer: Blue jeans

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So, how did you do???

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