In our next game, we’re taking famous writers to the beach. As Jane Austen said, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of catching a gnarly wave.

In honor of my summer vacation next week, this word game is called Beach Reads. You’re going to mash up beach things and famous writers.

For example, if the clue is: “Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan are so pale, they’d better pick a sunscreen with a high sun-protection factor”, you would answer SPF Scott Fitzgerald. (The beach thing will always come first in the answer!)

Ok – here we go!


Clue 1: According to the tongue twister, she sells seashells by this place. She stole them from an “Animal Farm” in “1984.”

Clue 2: I love this tequila cocktail with salt on the rim, so happy it’s garnished with the newest Atlantic piece by the writer of “Between The World And Me” and “We Were Eight Years In Power.”

Clue 3: This famous neurologist wrote the books “Awakenings” and “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat.” He should have written a book about himself called “The Man Who Fell In Love With An Inflatable Plastic Sphere”.

Clue 4: This sticky, soft candy is made fast and loose. Sold on boardwalks everywhere, it comes in many flavors, like watermelon, mint, banana, “Ethan Frome,” and “The Age Of Innocence.”

Clue 5: If you are going to conduct an “Interview With The Vampire,” don’t make him meet you at the beach. He burns easily, and bronze skin would ruin his look anyway.



Answer 1: She sells seashells by the seash-Orwell

Answer 2: MargariTa-Nehisi Coates

Answer 3: Beach bal(O)l-iver Sacks

Answer 4: taf-Edith Wharton

Answer 5: suntAn(n) Rice


How did you do?  Cheers to reading on the beach!

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